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Leah Zaccaria


This Morocco Yoga Retreat will be led by renown yoga teacher, book author and yoga studio owner: Leah Zaccaria. The Morocco Yoga Retreat will take place in beautiful Marrakech in a traditional Riad at the heart of the old town. This will be an all-inclusive luxurious retreat during which we will take care of every detail from the time you land in Marrakech until you get back on the plane so you can fully focus on yourself and on your yoga practice.




This Luxurious All-Inclusive Morocco Yoga Retreat will take place in September 2022 in the following Marrakech Mansion:

Morocco Yoga Retreat 2022 with Leah Zaccaria

Reserve your spot now with a $500 non-refundable deposit. The remaining balanced will be processed by Aug 31st at the latest.

Accommodations Selection:

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Do you have questions about this yoga retreat?
Well, here are the answers to the most most commonly asked questions.

What are the entry requirements for Morocco due to Covid?2022-06-29T22:23:54+00:00

There are 2 covid requirements that passengers arriving in Morocco must meet:

  1. Have a filled and Signed health Form (you can fill up the form online and save as pdf to print it)
  2.  Proof of COVID-19 vaccination attesting that the passenger is fully vaccinated including a booster OR a negative result of a PCR test administered within 72 hours of the time of departure.


What is the best way to get to Marrakech from the US & the West Coast?2022-06-19T20:06:23+00:00

Flight options from the US West Coast range from around $800 to $1500 depending on the number of connections, layover duration, airlines…. It is worth checking the cost of booking the flight with points if you have some to use.

There are direct flights to Marrakech from many of the largest cities in Europe, there are also direct flight to Morocco from North America via New York and Montreal but connecting via Casablanca. Most attendees typically book flights with a connection via a European city such as Paris, Frankfurt, Amsterdam, Barcelona or London.

We will coordinate airport pick up and drop offs with each of you. Note that some of you may decide to come earlier and stay longer to experience Marrakech longer or to see other parts of the country. If so, we will coordinate pick up and drop off to/from your accommodations or train/bus station as needed.

When should I plan to arrive and depart from Marrakech?2022-05-07T19:30:10+00:00

The retreat starts on Sunday 9/25/22 and lasts until Saturday 10/1/22 and is held in Marrakech Morocco.

We expect most of you to depart from the USA on Saturday 9/24 in the afternoon and arrive in Marrakech on Sunday late morning or afternoon.

The first afternoon is for relaxing… we typically have our welcome ceremony and dinner the first evening.

As for the flight back, we expect most of you to depart from Marrakech on Saturday late morning or afternoon and arrive on Saturday evening. (Note that Morocco is 8h of the PST timezone)

What can I expect once I land at the Marrakech airport?2021-08-27T17:13:54+00:00

Once your flight lands in Marrakech, here is what you can expect:

  1. Go through the covid information desk where someone will check your covid documentation
  2. Go through the immigration booth where you will get your passport stamped
  3. Pick up any checked luggage and clear customs by putting all your luggage in the xray machine (note that drones are not allowed in Morocco)
  4. Walk outside the airport in the waiting area where someone from out team will be waiting for you to drive you to the Riad where we will be staying
Are there any flexibilities regarding arrival and departure dates?2021-08-27T19:44:46+00:00

If you plan to arrive earlier or stay longer in Morocco. We are happy to coordinate with you to pick you up or drop you off somewhere convenient for you in Marrakech on those days so you can join us during the retreat.

If you need recommendations on how to get to Marrakech from other cities, we are happy to help. Typically, the best option for travel between cities in Morocco is either to take the train (ONCF) or with one of the express bus companies CTM or Supratour. Remember to take into account the evening curfew from 9pm to 5am as you plan your travels.

What is needed to travel to Morocco as a US Citizen?2021-08-27T19:45:46+00:00

No visa is required for trips up to 90 days so all you will need to attend this yoga retreat is your US passport with a validity of at least 6 months.

Besides covid requirements, no vaccination is required to enter the country.

What is the weather Like in September in Marrakech?2021-08-27T19:50:02+00:00

The weather in Marrakech in September averages 85 F but expect the weather to be hot and dry, which will be a great opportunity to work on your tan in the rooftop and a great reason to jump in the pool at the Riad as often as you’d like.

What are the accommodations like?2021-08-27T19:51:22+00:00

We will be staying in a luxurious traditional Riad in the center of the old town in Marrakech. The Riad has 8 bedrooms, each with its own private bathroom. The Riad also has multiple common areas and a rooftop that are exclusively available to our group.

What kind of meals will be served during the retreat?2021-08-28T06:45:19+00:00

Brunch and dinner will be included – which will feature both Moroccan and other international cuisines. We typically have a rich brunch around 10am and have dinner around 7pm. Fruits, nuts and other snacks are also available during the day at the Riad.

Throughout the retreat, you will get the chance to taste a variety of typical dishes and explore the richness of Moroccan cuisine.

If you have any food preferences or food allergies we should know about, please let us know and we will do our best to accommodate your specific needs.

What will the typical day be like during the retreat?2021-08-28T06:46:53+00:00

We will typically have a yoga session either in the morning or at sunset depending on the program of the day.

Each day will consist of either activities and sight-seeing around Marrakech mixed with some relaxing time by the pool or full day excursions.

Each day we should be back to our Riad before the 9pm daily curfew.

How many people are expected to attend the retreat?2021-08-28T06:48:05+00:00

The Morocco Yoga Retreat is designed to be small to really get the chance to connect with the teacher and your fellow retreat attendees. We typically have groups ranking from 8 to 12 people but due to covid, we are keeping this one even more intimate with a group of 6-8 people.

Do I need yoga experience to attend this yoga retreat?2019-11-26T12:21:18+00:00

The retreat is designed for all levels. No yoga experience is needed. We will work with you to build you practice, and a yoga retreat is a great way to do that.

Will my cell phone and data plan work in Morocco?2021-08-28T06:53:55+00:00

You should be able to use your phone for calls while in Morocco but additional fees may apply – Some cell phone providers provide special plans for international travel which you may want to look into but note that there will be wifi access in our accommodations we will staying at as well as in most restaurants we will be visiting so you should have access to the internet with the ability to make calls over wifi everyday of the trip.

What expenses will I be responsible for during my time in Morocco?2021-08-28T06:52:39+00:00

This retreat is all inclusive which means the cost of accommodations, activities, transportation and meals twice a day are all included in the price you pay for the retreat.

You are responsible for the cost of:

  • your own flight
  • any travel insurance you may need
  • any covid testing required for your flight back
  • any gifts you wish to purchase
  • alcoholic drinks
  • additional food or snacks you would like to purchase outside of the brunch, dinner and snacks offered each day
  • other discretionary expenses
What forms of Payment are accepted in Morocco?2021-08-28T06:59:31+00:00

You may be able to use your credit card in certain restaurants, supermarkets and other establishments but for most shopping and other purchases in the old town, cash is the preferred form of payment (Moroccan Dirhams).

We recommend bringing with you a credit/debit card with no or low foreign transaction fees and some US currency which you can exchange while in Morocco. No need to exchange money at the airport or get Moroccan dirhams ahead of time, out team can advise on how to get the best exchange rate while in Marrakech.

How much money should I bring?2021-08-28T07:01:34+00:00

Since this is an all-inclusive retreat, you shouldn’t need money for transport, accommodation, activities and your main meals (brunch/dinner). We recommend budgeting about $500 for local purchases, additional snack & meals, gratuities and alcohol.

What if I have an emergency during my retreat?2019-06-01T06:42:57+00:00

Our team will be on site and available 24 hours a day to assist you in case of an emergency.

Is the water safe to drink?2021-08-28T07:02:40+00:00

It is best not to drink tap water. Our team will arrange for drinking water to be available at all time in the Riad as well as during local excursions.

Is it safe to travel to Morocco?2021-08-28T07:04:58+00:00

Morocco is considered a safe country to travel to and it receives over 12 Million tourists per year (pre-pandemic) with Marrakech being one of the most popular destinations in the country.

As in many other countries around the world, there is a risk associated to getting covid while in Morocco which is the current reality with traveling in 2021.

Can I pay for the cost of the retreat in multiple payments?2020-08-11T11:12:40+00:00

Yes you can. Once you pay for the $500 nonrefundable deposit, we will get in touch with you to find out how you would like to pay for the rest of the balance. You will have the option to either for the remaining balance right away or break it down into 2 or 3 payments over time. Note that the retreat must be fully paid for by 8/30/21.

What if I have additional questions about the retreat?2019-11-26T12:09:59+00:00

 Please reach out to the organizing teacher or email team@moroccoyogaretreat.com and someone from our organizing team will get in touch with you to answer all your questions.

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